Build a villa in Moraira

In Villas Buigues we have been working as builders in Moraira for decades and also carrying out reforms in Moraira and the rest of the Costa Blanca. The Marina Alta, without a doubt, is the area where we work the most and where most of our clients and friends are, in fact, as neighbors of Moraira, we are backed by a large number of reforms and constructions from scratch in the town and the proximity of the municipality.

We build your villa in Moraira

Most customers who come to our offices is thanks to word of mouth and we must thank each of our clients who decided to trust our team of builders to enjoy their new home. 

We have also been working in the real estate sector for years, but it is possible that you do not survey the exact house of your dreams and want a completely new home or reforms one entirely, and that is where our reform and construction department comes in which are fully available to start this new project with you and build your villa in Moraira. 

Ways to build the villa in Moraira and surroundings

To start building the villa in Moraira from 0 (Moraira or surroundings) you will need to be in possession of a building plot. If this is the case, we can get down to work doing the project, asking for the appropriate permits and creating a closed budget adapted to your needs and tastes. 

As you know, we are specialists offering our clients the best villas in Moraira, but if what you intend is to build from 0 and in case you do not have a plot, in Villas Buigues we have the real estate department waiting to help you find the perfect building plot to start from 0 the construction of your new villa in Moraira. 



Villas Buigues accompanies you throughout the process to build the villa

This is our thing and we love it, so throughout the process we will accompany you, both in the search for the plot and perfect location for the location of the new villa to, of course, the creation of the plans. The choice of finishes is also a phase that we always enjoy very much from the hand of our customers. 

In Villas Buigues we always work with the latest trends in the sector and with quality materials. Our team is made up of great professionals, but we also work with collaborators who work with the same qualities and with the same care and definition. 

Rely on ready-to-build projects

Another service we offer is the choice of our clients to use one of our projects already ready to build. We are passionate about creating and building new designs and new projects, that's why we also show our new clients projects that we have ready to launch in the location that is required. There are many possibilities for our team to build your villa in Moraira according to your tastes and according to what you are looking for. We adapt 100% each project to our clients and friends. 


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