Buying a Villa to reform in Moraira

For decades Moraira and the Costa Blanca has been the destination of choice for many tourists and people who want a second home in the area, and we can confirm this because we have been working as Estate Agents in Moraira for decades and have helped hundreds of clients, who are now friends and family, to find the home of their dreams. 
It is true that it has become a very sought after area, and it is true that the Villas for sale in Moraira are a jewel for many reasons, both for the area where they are located, as well as for the lifestyle and design that all these villas and flats exude. 
At Villas Buigues we not only work as real estate agents, but we also work as builders in Moraira, and that is why today we bring you an alternative to buying a new property, the option of buying a villa to reform. 

Buy a new villa or buy a villa to reform in Moraira?

The decision to buy a new villa or to buy a second hand villa or even an old villa will depend on your needs and your possibilities. If your intention is to buy a villa ready to move in, ideally you should look through our catalogues of properties, and even if you are looking for something exclusive, you can also find luxury villas in Moraira
But another very interesting option can also be to buy a villa to reform in Moraira. This option can even be cheaper depending on what you have in mind. In the area there are a lot of old villas for sale with more affordable prices than newly built villas and luxury villas. If we find a villa that suits what you are looking for and carry out a complete reform (or partial, depending on the state) you can get the result and the house of your dreams. 

Buy to reform in Moraira

Of all our clients who are looking to reform a property, a large proportion do so in order to resell the property at a higher price, which is why one of the objectives of buying a villa in Moraira is to invest. The real estate sector on the Costa Blanca is in constant movement, and buying an old villa and reform it to give it a completely new look with the right design can give you the opportunity to sell it with interesting margins. 
Another large percentage of our clients looking for a reform is to be able to get a property in the town of Moraira 100% to your taste and with the architecture and personal design they decide. 
As always, we recommend that you contact our team of real estate agents or our office so that we can study together what is the best operation for you. 

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