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If you know Moraira you will know why it is a good idea to invest in Moraira and enjoy the area whenever you want. Today in the blog of our Real Estate in Moraira we want to tell you a little more about the attraction and the treasures that we have in our small and wonderful town. Today we are going to talk about the best beaches in Moraira.

In addition to the charm of the streets of the town centre, Moraira also stands out for its various beaches and coves that make it a very attractive place for the summer and spring months. Its scenic and open coastline makes it an ideal destination for many tourists and locals. Deciding on the best beaches in Moraira is not easy, as it will depend on what you are looking for, if you like sandy beaches, if you prefer rocky coves, if you prefer more family beaches or if you prefer more hidden corners. 

The beaches of Moraira among the best on the Costa Blanca

Moraira has 7 beaches/coves that you probably already know, but if not, we name them and invite you to visit them: Cala Llebeig, Cala Andragó, Cala Cap Blanc, Les platgetes, Playa de l'Ampolla, Playa del Portet and Cala Portitxol. Do you know them all? 

Cala Llebeig one of the best beaches in Moraira

Cala Llebeig is not exactly the most familiar and comfortable, in fact it is the most difficult to access, but that is why it is one of the least crowded, which makes it the perfect cove for many. Enjoy spectacular views and crystal clear waters and with much more peace and quiet than any other beach in the area, without the crowds of tourists. On the Internet you can find different routes to get there. 

Cala L'Andragó in Moraira

This is also a quiet cove, but it has better access so there are more visitors and people every day, even so, it is still a quieter cove than the main ones in Moraira. It is a very pleasant little corner of 150 metres long and 50 metres wide. On this beach there is also a viewpoint where you can take a very pleasant walk at any time of the year. 

This is a cove that many people like because in this same area there is an area with different restaurants and bars where you can have a drink in front of the beach and with a very cool atmosphere. 

La Cala Cap Blanc

Another cove of 200 metres also known as Punta de la Estrella. This cove borders the municipality of Benissa and is really a very hidden cove. This cove is also less crowded. It is a cove with crystal clear waters and perfect spots for snorkelling. Nearby you can find villas in Moraira among pine forests where you can spend your best summers. 

Les platgetes de Moraira

This beach is actually two coves of sand and rocks that are joined together. This beach has been recognised several times as one of the blue flag beaches. As you will see in Moraira there are many small beaches and coves that are not very big, as this one is also 200 metres long and 25m wide. 

Les Platgetes also has a viewpoint from which you will have an amazing panoramic view if you walk along the promenade that goes all the way to l'Andragó. 

Playa de l'Ampolla the best beach in Moraira for families

This is the favourite beach for many families and tourists. It is an urban beach, so you can get to it in a matter of steps or minutes from the old town. It also has a blue flag for being a quality beach. This beach is very comfortable, as it has parking, easy access and restaurants. For many this beach is one of the most beautiful in the area, but as we say, it is all a matter of taste. 

Another of the best beaches in Moraira, El Portet 

This beach is a little further away from the centre of the town, but it also has a blue flag and no wonder. When you arrive you will realise why. It is a slightly longer beach, 350 metres long and only 20 metres wide in the shape of a shell. 

The access to the water is very comfortable, with fine sand, shallow and crystal clear waters that together with the landscape that surrounds it makes it quite crowded in the months of July and August. For those who have a property in Moraira or have the pleasure of visiting Moraira in different months, this is a beach that can be enjoyed with fewer people. A treasure that you can enjoy almost every month of the year thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the area. 

Cala Portitxol

Another beautiful little cove 80 metres long hidden in Moraira. It is located on the way to the Portet Beach from the old town of Moraira. It is a very good cove for snorkelling, scuba diving or fishing. A very quiet and hidden cove. Another paradisiacal place to enjoy when you are in Moraira. 

Can we help you find your perfect property to enjoy these and many other wonders that Moraira has to offer? 

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